Friday, May 04, 2007

Baby naming . . .and other pregnancy news.

I've been struggling with this gestational diabetes, and trying to keep my blood sugars low with no meds and just the right diet and exercises. I am so frustrated, because is just doesn't seem to be working. I've taken to doing 20 min of exercises after each meal.

Funny thing is that my boy goes ballistic at mommy doing any exercises. He hangs and whines and cries on me during the whole thing. I've had to enlist the help of dad to distract him. And then there is my daughter who thinks exercises is really just an invitation to play.
Can you see me at the bottom of this dog pile trying to do a leg streach?
I try.

It still looks like I will have to take something though . . . anyway.

On the light side . . . I used up all my baby names when I had a girl and then a boy. And my husband didn't plan since he was small for the naming of possible babies . . . in essence I am telling you that we don't have an idea at this time what to name the baby on the way.

So I've been having fun over at this site:

Baby Names Country - Baby Boy and Girl Names from all over the world!

And that's my new button over on my side bar. I did find some ideas . . . we'll see.


Cece said...

That is such a cute picture!

Midsummer Night said...

Aww, love the picture. Sorry to hear that all the effort is not working quite the way you wanted it to.

And thanks for the link! I am trying to come up with a boys name since I have yet to use a girls name. :)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

That's a cool site. I forget, are you being surprised, or do you know what flavor of baby this is? :) What are some names you're considering?

Amy said...

The picture is hilarious! And when you think about it, that is certainly excercise to be fighting off two little ones! :) I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well. My sister had GD her first pregnancy, no signs of it now at 22 weeks, let's hope that holds!

You will find a name, all of a sudden it will come to you! You know how that goes! And if not, and it's a girl, Amy is a great name. LOL

kailani said...

Coming up with a name that they'll have for the rest of their lives is not an easy thing to do. Good luck!

An Island Life

sarahgrace said...

I'm bummed that diet and exercise aren't helping out with the GD...I will be praying for you, that all goes well with that. I had to be put on steroids my first pregnancy because of a low blood platelette count, and was able to find a natural supplement to keep them high the second time (and this time) around- maybe there's something like that, that could help?

Good luck with the naming!

Lu said...

When I try to exercise, Bubbie constantly asking for things or climbing on my stairs... Argh! I get Hubbie to help, but Bubbie is just too fast! :) Maybe walking outside, away from the family?! I might try that too! Good luck!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Hey, I've posted here before. I just checked back with you and realized our pregnancies are 2 days apart! Congrats! I am having a girl after having 3 boys and then one girl. Now a second girl is added to the mix so we're excited!

Candi said...

Too cute!!

I can totally relate with GD. I had it with my first pregnancy. When he turned one, I was diagnosed with type II diabetes. During that pregnancy, I was able to keep my sugars in check with diet and exercise. However, when I got pregnant with baby number two, my sugars were high. Now, I was wasn't gestational. I was taking oral meds for it before I got pregnant, but there just isn't enough research for me that I felt comfortable staying on that during my pregnancy. So....insulin it was. As a matter of fact, my baby is now 15 months old and I am still taking insulin so that I can nurse him. Once again, there just isn't enough research for me to feel comfortable taking the oral meds while breast feeding.

I hope you are able to find something that works for you. I know it can be hard, but when that tiny bundle of joy is in your arms, it makes it all worth it!!

YoungMommy said...

I love Baby Names Country. We're having a hard time this time around, too. Just haven't found that perfect name yet... It's a weighty decision!!