Monday, December 25, 2006

Jesus loves me.

Like her mommy, she does a lot of her singing while bathing. So when I heard her starting to sing, I got the camera goin as soon as I could. This is what followed.

At the end, I ask her if she sang "Jesus Loves me", she says "I sing for God"
This just blessed my heart.


Chaotic Mom said...

This is SO CUTE! I'm a wee bit stressed these days. This little gal really made me smile. ;)

Oh, yeah, putzing around with:

kellygirl said...

That is adorable..sounds like a remix to me!!
I love it when B. sings. Lately she has tried singing the "Hosanna" song. Ho, Ho, Ho, Hosanna...But instead it comes out..."Ho, Ho, ana, Ho, Ho, ana. I love it..They both get a big "E" for effort and a sweet kiss!