Monday, August 16, 2010

It's time for a name change here!!!

I'm done with diapers - mostly -

The middle one still wets at night - but we are otherwise all done . . so I'm no longer "between" diapers . ..

Any thoughts on a name for this blog, then?

I'll have to think it over.



Brittney Harmon said...

I was going to say between the covers because you have books everywhere... but I'm guessing that, that might be taken wrong?

Jim said...

Between Hope and Disaster, maybe?

How about something with Ms (you know, like Michelle, Mexico...)... between Ministry and Madness? Between Mops and Meaning? Between Meaning and Madness?

(I like the "between" thing, as you can see...)

Between Moping and Marvellous?

Or you could stick with the Ds.... Between Drifting and Determination?

Between Trust and Translation?

Between Truth and Tacos?

Between Calvary and Compassion?

Between Sight and Sound?

Between Signs and Silence?

Yikes, I better stop!