Monday, July 23, 2007

A tire swing and little green men.

We would have gone on Sunday, but there was something happening at the new and improved neighborhood park so that it was P.A.C.K.E.D and with my pregnant self and two small ones I promised to return later.

Later (aka this morning) there is hardly any one there, and the Rotary Club did a NICE job . . .

My kids take to inspecting all the new play equipment seriously and with some delight I am able to introduce them to . .

da Ta DA!!!

The Tire Swing!

Oh the memories!

I know you have those memories, if you have the park tire swing memory at all, and in any healthy childhood it should include someone getting sick on it.

Therefore, to do my part I get them spinning.


Both want more and faster . . . it becomes an interesting experiment as to where the limits are. Finally my eldest says she's had enough and wants to go climb something . . . off she goes, but when I remove my boy, he starts to cry . . . and tries to get back on, but he can barely find his legs . . .

You know, some lessons really need to be learned first hand.

Obligingly I place him back on and give him a spin, albeit a slower spin and after a few rounds you see his smile fade considerably . . . and suddenly he is done with the tire swing . . .

I pull him off, hold him, because at this point he is not able to walk at all.

One burp, two, we get baptized with the grape juice that he had earlier. All over my white maternity top, I might add!! But I can't stop giggling - because life is as it should be -

He doesn't feel well the rest of the morning and stays snuggled close to me, so soon we head home. Eat, nap and it's afternoon snack time.

My boy is still napping, but I sit down for some pickles, wrapped in cream cheese spread ham slices, and notice this:

How very "Toy's"-esk. Can't see it? Here:

Aiming directly at me . . .


I think I'm being warned.


Midsummer Night said...

Ah, the old getting sick on the tire swing. Everyone has to do it at least once. :)

Anonymous said...

Toys get their revenge on us you know! Look out!

sarahgrace said...

Ha ha...I'm laughing at the pickles wrapped in cream cheese spread ham- hee hee, if that was the only mention you made of it, we'd still know you are pregnant!

Rosemarie said...

Baptized in grape juice?! Gotta love that line.

Tire swing...nope, I'm a city girl!

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