Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The final chapter!

An Irreplaceable Role.

Often it seems that we are spinning our wheels. Or that what my hubby and I are doing with the deaf is producing very little. The difference we make - miniscule, the role we play-puny. We begin to start to measure ourselves to other ministries, and/or question our "effectiveness" and we start to feel that we are falling short of . . . Everything.

It's then that we have to get back to the bottom line. It is this - are we where God has called us? Yes. Then we need to not worry about how "successful" we are, because our only requirement is to walk in obedience. The rest is up to Him!

Besides - haven't you heard "Even if you where the only person on earth, Jesus would have died for you."? And - even if you bring a glass of water to someone it's like doing that to Jesus. So, even if we work with/help one person, that person is special enough for Jesus to die for, so they are important enough to me.

I found this chapter very general, a bit repetitive. Kind of anti-climactic. But this stood out to me.

"How it turns out is not longer the point. Living in this way, as a woman alive is a choice we make because it is the woman we want to be. It is our loving response to our Lover's invitation." (pg.215)

Often - mostly - I've found that ones "ministry" is often really God working on us - oh and P.S. He uses that to further His kingdom/bless/help others along the way.


sarahgrace said...

"Often - mostly - I've found that ones "ministry" is often really God working on us - oh and P.S. He uses that to further His kingdom/bless/help others along the way."

I agree. Some good wisdom you shared with us. Thank you.

The Imperfect Christian said...

This reminds me of the man walking along the sea shore, throwing starfish back into the sea. A boy approached him and says, "What are you doing? You can't possibly save ALL these starfish!" And the man picks up another one, tosses it into the sea and says, "Maybe I can't save them all, but I made a difference to THAT one!"

Yellow Mama said...

I remember when I started this blog, the Lord said to me to not worry if anyone read it...just do it. That applies with everything in life. We can always find someone to compare ourselves with. One person touched can affect millions...who knows but that you touch that one who touches many.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Hoorah for you that you finished. I just finished reading it last night in bed, too late, but I did. Feel a bit like we should all get a ribbon or something. I'll be posting on mine this weekend, and happily turning it back into our church library. I loved that, in spite of the writing in circles, you were able to pull one comment that captured you. I've enjoyed reading your take on this book, and getting to know you a bit through your blog.

janice said...

good points. i know it is hard when we are looking for signs of fruit and we don't see them.

Nancy said...

I've been trying to understand that God gave me my artistic gifts to honor Him. I read in The Artist's Way, "You worry about the quantity, let God worry about the quality." It makes sense if you think about it. Our best is what God wants it to be.