Saturday, September 29, 2012

In the name of education.

We have a rule.

On Sundays we only watch things that are God honoring or Educational.

Tonight though - we watch 300. My husband loves epic battles.

So, I sit with the remote, finger at the ready to skip scenes.

There are kids running around here, after all.

I mention to my boy that the king Xerxes here is the king that Esther married from the Bible.  He gets excited and asks "So, this movie is 1% true?"

"Well, I'd call it more like 80% true with 20% guesswork and Hollywood!"  I go on to explain King Xerxes was real, King Leonidas, the Spartans, this battle, the odds, etc . . .

"OH!  So this is educational!  So we can watch 300 on SUNDAY!"

Hardly - my boy, but nice try.

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