Monday, August 29, 2011


Today, I found these popsicles in the freezer.  So *that's* where the spoons went!  
My 6 year old did it.

And I love that he had the independent gumption to do so!

Now, I love babies.  More, in fact, than I used to. 

But I am happy, happy, happy that my kids are just a little bigger now.
But not BIG.
Still small enough to be carried in after they fall asleep on the drive home.
Although the 7yr old is fastly approaching the time where I won't be able to, anymore.

But they are big enough to get themselves ready in the mornings, and big enough to make popsicles for themselves should they feel inclined.  And big enough to get a drink for themselves when thirsty.
Although, sometimes what they wear, use, drink can surprise/amuse you.

Like the cup I found with a straw in it.  

I remember seeing 3yr old with this drink.  I thought it was ice tea.
It was syrup.
Maple syrup.


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Eschelle said...

that maple syrup moment... AMAZING!