Saturday, September 11, 2010

And then they bless your heart . . .

Trying to put my priorities into practice I started - at the beginning of the school year - to gather the kids up at 6:30 in the morning, sometimes piling them all on the couch or into our bed, to read the Bible.  They'd be barley awake if awake at all . . . with the two year old running around . . .

"OK!  Where are we?"  pause  "you awake, Andrew? . . . Can you hear me, Sarah? . . . Alex . . shhhh!  Be quiet . . we are going to read the Bible now."

The past couple of days the 2 year old grabs a small new testament and announces "I read Bible!  SHHHHH  BE QUIET eb'y body, I read Bible"  over and over . . . what funny little mirrors they are of us!  Ha ha.

Sometimes . . ok, OFTEN, I would just go on thinking that even if they WERE sleeping, their spirit is awake and can take it in.

Then yesterday I drove their father to the ER state side.  He's had a bad cough for two weeks that just kept getting worse and we were concerned it was pneumonia.  He checked in at the ER at about 3pm and was moved to a room about 10:30pm.  Finally about 11 I left and drove home.

It was a late when I arrived home.  I looked forward to sleeping in.

I blame the stressful day for my laps in thinking

. . . I mean really - WHAT WAS I THINKING?  I'm a MOTHER of SMALL CHILDREN and every mother knows that even when you're pulling teeth to get them up on the weekdays, come Saturday and everyone is UP AN AT 'EM at the crack of dawn.

First the 2 year old came buzzing around, I don't know what time it was, I didn't look.  Didn't have to . . I knew it was still Too Early, my headache told me so.  That and the grey skies.  But said two year old was in distress because he Couldn't Find his Bible (the little new testament) . . .

Soon the 5 year old comes crawling to my bed shortly followed by the 6 year old.

And then my 5 year old says "Why are you not reading the Bible to us?" . . .

and that blessed me to my core -

Because he WANTED to hear it - so I can assume he wasn't COMPLETELY asleep all those other mornings?

He LIKES to hear it?

Alright - so maybe I'll get up now, after all.


MikeandCharlsie said...

aww, very sweet! Hope your hubby is better!!!

Mary said...

Aww Michelle thas great!!!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit...your blog looks great too!

Lacey said...

I just found you from the Mexican Wildflower. What a wonderful post :D