Sunday, August 30, 2009

Starting a new bible study.

Boundaries; Chapter 1 & 2

A significant discovery I made this week with this reading is the idea of "spiritual" boundaries. I hadn't thought of those before - and I'm still trying to define those - and I'm finding that the whole idea of boundaries, as a whole, is kinda abstract . . . I ask you - what would you call/consider spiritual boundaries?

I found myself getting angry with the character Sherrie in the book because she constantly kept self doubting herself when her first instincts where right - but she did it with the idea that "a good christian would" . . . and those lead me to the questions I look forward to getting an answer - As christians - especially but definitely not limited to those in ministry - how does set a boundary to a legitimate need in the church body?

What are legitimate boundaries, and how do boundaries relate to submission are some questions I will be watching with some keen interest . . .

The book states that boundaries define us. I think of the phrase "poured out" because, like water, when a person is without boundaries (pouring himself out) - he/she is undefined - but boundaries is like a cup to that water giving it shape and definition, and making it much more useful and safe . . . . "that can increase your love and save your life"p.31

The book spoke of God having boundaries and at first it rubbed me the wrong way since I couldn't see God behind a boundary wall - but in regard to God having boundaries meaning definition then it fits. The whole bible is about defining Who God Is and who He isn't.

I think I will have an easier time relating to the idea of boundaries, not as walls and hedges, but in the sense of definition . . . like skin-

I'm looking forward to chapter 3 -

I welcome your thoughts . . .


Brittney Harmon said...

I've always thought of God as having boundaries... because if he IS this than that makes him NOT that... right?

As far as us having spiritual boundaries... not quite sure how to apply it. I can see limiting ourselves in the amount of time that we spend ministering and whatnot, but not limiting ourselves to the spirit/Jesus/God... Know what I mean?

sarahgrace said...

It is interesting that you are doing this study (I've never heard of it before) but it has been an issue I've become aware of lately. I'd say the boundary issues I've been looking at have more to do with the physical world than the spirtitual, but definitely skirt some of the spiritual stuff.

For instance, is it okay to be super nice/friendly/encouraging to a person of the opposite sex, because they "need" to see that Christians are a loving people? It's kind of a hard issue that begs definition, especially in this day and age of infidelity and all accompanying things.

Yes, definition is a great way to put it. I may just have to check out this study myself.
I'm interested to hear more about it. :-)

mama said...

Very interesting. I guess I never thought of a definition for "boundaries" except "not letting people walk all over you" or "being secure in oneself." Defining it as "shape or definition" makes sense to me.