Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's like winning the lotto!

Back in February Flip Flop Mama wrote of receiving her own Nigerian scam.

Up until this week I had been feeling out of the loop. But now . . . not one but TWO people are trying to give me money! People I don't know . . . how kind.

In ministry it is not uncommon for people you don't personally know to have heard about what your doing and send a gift . . . but these people want to hand over 2.5 million, 20.6 million each. Not too shabby . . .


Dear Friend, Please this is important and very urgent i have
an urgent transaction of $20.6 million usd to transfer to your nominated
account, I am mr Walter Susulu i am an Auditor, with Accounting
through some old files in the records, I discovered that if I do not remit this
money out urgently it will be forfeited for nothing. The owner of this
account unfortunately died in the plane crash of Union Transport Africains
Flight Boeing 727 in Cotonou, Benin republic on the december 25,2003. You will
read more stories about the crash on visiting this website No
other person knows about this account or any thing concerning it,the account has
no other beneficiary and my investigation proved to me as well that his company
does not know anything about this account and the amount involved is (USD 20.6
MILLION) Twenty million Six Hunderd Thousend United States Dollars. I
want to transfer the USD 20.6 MILLION) Twenty million Six Hunderd Thousend
United States Dollars into a safe foreigners account abroad , but I don't know
any foreigner, I am only contacting you as a foreigner because this money can
not be approved to a local bank here, but can only be approved to any foreign
account because the money is in US dollars and the former owner of the account
is a foreigner too. I know that this message will come to you as a
surprise as we don't know our selves before,but be rest assure that this is life
time business for both of us even for our generation to come
. . With believe in God that you will never let me down in this
business. You are the only person that I have contacted in this business, so
please reply urgently so that I will inform you the next step to take urgently,
Send also your private telephone and fax number . I want us to meet face to
face or sign a binding agreement to bind us together so that you can receive
this money into a foreign account or any account of your choice where the fund
will be safe. I will fly to your country for withdrawal and sharing and other
investments. I am contacting you because of the need to involve a
foreigner with foreign account and foreign beneficiary. I need your full
co-operation to make this work fine because the management is ready to approve
this payment to any foreigner who has correct information about this
account, which I will feed you with, if you are able and with capability to
handle such amount in strict confidence and trust according to my instructions
and advice for our mutual benefit because this opportunity will never come again
in my life. I need truthful person in this business because I don't want
to make mistake I need your strong assurance and trust. With my position now in
the office I can transfer this money to any foreign reliable account, which you
can provide with assurance that this money will be intact pending my physical
arrival in your country for sharing. And i want to remaind you that your
share has been carculated at 35% of the total sum. I'am waiting for your urgent
reply so that i will give you more information about this deal. Please reply
back to my private email address


Mr Walter Susulu.

I googled Mr Walter Susulu and apparently he died in May 6 2003.

But this next letter is just heart rendering if it wasn't that I received another letter like it a few days before only different person. The circumstances were practically identical. . .


I am Mrs Mary
Williams. from Kuwait, I am married to Mr. Henry Williams who worked
with Kuwait embassy in Ivory Coast for nine years before he died in the year
2002.We were married for eleven years without a child. He died after a brief
illness that lasted for only four days.Before his death we were both born again
Christian. Since his death I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my
matrimonial home which the Bible is against. When my late husband was alive he
deposited the sum of US$2.5million dollars in a Bank here in Abidjan Cote
d'Ivoire.Presently, this money is still in bank.Recently, my Doctor told me that
I would not last for the next Eight months due to cancer problem. The one that
disturbs me most is my stroke sickness. Having known my condition I decided to
donate this fund to a church that will utilize this money the way I am going to
instruct herein.

I want a church that will use this fund for
orphanages, widows, propagating the word of God and to endeavor that the house
of God is maintained. The Bible made us to understand that "Blessed is the hand
that giveth". I took this decision because I don't have any child that will
inherit this money and my husband relatives are not Christians and I don't want
my husband's efforts to be used by unbelievers.

I don't want a
situation where this money will be used in an ungodly way. This is why I am
taking this decision. I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going. I
know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord. Exodus 14 VS 14 says that
"the lord will fight my case and shall hold my peace". I don't need any
telephone communication in this regard because of my health hence the presence
of my husband's relatives around me always. I don't want them to know about this
development.With God all things are possible. As soon as I receive your reply I
shall give you the contact of the Bank here in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire.I
will also issue you an authority letter that will prove you the present
beneficiary of this fund.

I want you and the church to always
pray for me because the lord is my shephard. My happiness is that I lived a life
of a worthy Christian. Whoever that Wants to serve the Lord must serve him in
spirit and Truth. Please always be prayerful all through your life.
me on the this e-mail address

any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing another church for this
same purpose. Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I Stated herein.
Hoping to receive your reply.
Remain blessed in the Lord. Yours in
Christ, Mrs.Mary Williams.

When I googled her I found another Mary Williams in the Ivory Coast (who's Mother is a Nigerian, no less) that is asking the Pope for money since her parents died TRAGICALLY . . (guess that would be her mother was Nigerian) and she is only 17 years old. Interesting.

OK, ok, I'll pull my tongue out of my cheek for a bit here . . .

The Matt 10:16 says "I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves."

You know, I honestly don't think God would give my hubby and me something like this. Not that He couldn't. I know He could, but He knows that it wouldn't be good for us.

One of the neat things about working and depending on God for your "daily bread" is that we see the hand of God often, and in amazing ways we feel His blessings distinctly and we trust Him more because we have to.

If we suddenly came into millions of dollars . . . we wouldn't need to trust God to provide, would we?

With that in mind, does anyone know where or who to report these suspicious looking e-mail to? Surely there is a place . . .


A Mutating Missionary said...

there is a place to send a report. If you place your arrow over the e-mail and right click - usually there is a line that says report spam.
Check and see...

I too believe that it is amazing to see God's hand provide. He is the great provider.
One time my car broke down. I called a friend to come and pick me up. I left the car on the street for the night and she took me home. When I got out of her car she laughed and said, "I can't wait to watch God slaughter another cow." I was a bit confused. With giggles of joy coming out of her mouth she said, "You know... You always tell me that you are married to the King how owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Well, I'm just going to enjoy seeing how he slaughters this one. He's been doing it for years. And, it is such an encouragement to me!"

So enjoy being provided for by the King who owns the cattle on a thousand hills!!!!!!!

Mike said...

I watched a news report about this. Apparently, people come out with this scam using Internet cafes in Nigeria.

Sad, isn't it?


The Wooden Porch said...

Only 2!!! I get about 10 a day at my wooden porch email and I just opened that email account 6 months or so ago. I'm jealous of you!