Saturday, February 03, 2007


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Back? OK

One of the worse things that I've experienced as a mother is being dawg-sick at the same time as my kids.

This is complicated, of course, by my hubby living with peritoneal dialysis - so he has to be hooked up to a machine for 10 hours every night. He has a 20 foot "tether" we call it, so he is able to go to the bathroom . . . but it isn't enough to reach the children in the middle of the night. Night time vigil is mommy duty.

Also into this equation is that both my kids are prone to croup. My little boy, much more so. It makes it difficult for him to breath laying down. Besides he is a thumb sucker and when he's all stuffed up like that he also struggles to suck on his thumb and breath . . . . you know, just a lot of not fun stuff.

So what started out as a cold for me and my boy is now croup for him and sleepless nights/regular busy but miserable plus sinus days for mommy. *Ugh* Notice the bag under my eyes, and cotton balls up my nostrils to control drips.

Dishes are piling up, laundry was started by my hubby this morning as he (BLESS YOU DEAR!) took our daughter with him to do errands, but I am not looking forward to hanging the clothes on the line, much less taking them down and putting them away

For now . . . . little boy is napping. It hurts to much for me to lay down and sleep (sinuses) so I'll blog.


Heahter said...

{{{{{{{{{{hugs +cup o tea}}}}}}}}}}

Heather said...

We've been ick sick too. We've been down this whole last week.

I hope next week is better - for both of us!

my 2 cents said...

I am sick too. No fun at all. I didn't know that about your husband. I hope you and your kids get to feeling better soon!

kellygirl said...

Oh you poor thing! I am sorry you and the little guy are sick. I had one (3yr old) sick on and off the other day too. She was pucking in the wee hours of the morning. Nothing like giving a bath after midnight. I feel your pain sister! I hope you all get better soon!

Jan said...

Thanks so much for commenting on our blog. How exciting that someone else is training Mexicans to be missionaries in India! I wonder if the people I am working with know about this guy? I'm going to ask them. So, I'm going with 29 other people, the majority are Mexican pastors of large churches throughout Mexico who will hopefully catch the vision to send workers into the fields in India. Pues, Dios les bendiga en su hogar, su ministerio y en su salud!

sarahgrace said...

Hang in there Michelle! Sending up some prayers for your whole family!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I'd love to know how on earth you took that lovely photo, and hope you feel better QUICK. xoxoox