Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Break Fast

So. We have company over spring break.
One thing I've learned is that you fast to fit your life, so I don't want to fast while company is here. However, I've learned I like the way I feel when I am fasting. I don't like how I feel when I'm not. My stomach hurts after I eat.  And I go right off ketosis.
After eating yesterday my morning ketone were 0.1. So I'm fasting today- even with company. As much as possible without being inhospitable.
My mouth likes food,  not my body.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Fasting day 2

Morning ketones1.6
Blood sugars 90
Did it today! Just had coffee, and bone broth in the morning for my crampy shins (with Himalayan salt for electrolights)  and my jug of water with another pinch of salt and leemos juice (for heartburn). Although at lunch I did have a cup of peppermint green tea. I didn't finish my water, and left my jug at the theatre where the kids had their performanc. My safari cake roll sold out! And I didn't take a treat at all!

Now- my blood sugars are 89, and my ketones are 2.6. That's great! And my weight -3.
Ready to do tomorrow!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Fasting day 3, . . er, I mean 1, again

Blood sugar 98 (wow!)
Ketons 1.3
Not a bad way to start the morning!
Weight still -2
Super busy day.

I didn't get all my water drunk. Had a cup of coffee in the morning, and then that's it. I got real hungry bout 1:30 but rode that wave until it was gone.

When I got home today, I finished putting cream cheese frosting on the carrot cake cupcakes I made yesterday. Got some frosting on my hand, so I licked it off. Using lemon water for heart burn. And I am cold. But today is a rainy cold day. I don't seem able to get warm.

At bed time my blood sugar is 89, and my ketones 1.5. Officially in ketosis. So, I'm burning my fat for energy! That's enough to keep me going another day!

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Fast, day 2

Well. I stayed up until 1:40 putting script lines into an app for my boy. Then my husband woke me about 6. I don't do well with little sleep.
And there is extraordinary stress being layed on us.
Anyway - this morning I was down 2 lbs.
My blood sugar was 90, my ketones 2.2

I did well with just coffee, bone broth, and water. But was bone tired and weak. Sluggish.
The idea that I would be attempting to bake cake rolls while fasting felt impossible. Then my husband announced he would make baby back ribs.

So I decided to break my fast. I licked the spoon, I took bites of batter. I have like 2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter with butter, 2 baby back ribs and I think that is it. So I ate. But I will do it guilt free because I know that I will go back on the fast starting tomorrow.

One of the most important things I've learned is that fasting has got to fit in your life, not your life to your fast. And we can indulge in those life moments (like me creating baked goods) knowing that we will do a healthy fast afterwards.

I'll start again on my fast tomorrow.

I didn't step on the scale. I'll do that in the morning. My evening blood sugar is 105, and my ketones have dropped to a mere 0.6

Here's to getting back on track tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Fasting Day 1

today waking blood test was 108. A bit high for "normal" but good for a diabetic. Weight, for our starting day we will call "0".

Had black coffee and took my meds. Grabbed my water and went. Today was stressful and full, so I've been bugged with the desire to put stuff in my mouth all day.

And have been having heartburn. So I've been popping tums, which probably doens't help my craving  because of the trace amounts of sugar in them. I've heard lemon water helps with heartburn, so I'll use that next time.

At lunch Alex was eating Milk Duds and I took one off him. But other than that, I had some peprment tea and have been good.

Now at 4:45, I have cravings again. Almost done with my water. Might make some tea when I get home. We'll see.

Oh, and had one more cup of black coffee at lunch. Then another at night.
We've got a lot of stress going on. Just found out my boy in a play got promoted to a lead role that he has 3 days to learn the lines, song and blocking. Science Fair tomorrow, and just a lot going on.

Bedtime weight was unchanged. Blood sugars 64 (wow!) and Ketones where 2.2. You are considered in ketosis at 1.5 and higher. This is prime fat burning mode. Woo Hoo!

Ok. Good night.  :-)

Monday, April 03, 2017


Ok, so let see.
Since I've written last.

I've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
Then found out about the Ketogenic diet. Lost close to 40 lbs on it.

And then went and got my teaching certificate. Got a job at my kid's charter school as a personalized learning instructor/teacher, and am as happy as a clam.

Now, I've come across a book called "The Complete Guide to Fasting" that spins off  the ketogenic diet and tomorrow I'm going to start an extended day fast. My goal is to go to Saturday. So, with Tuesday, that would be a 4 day fast.

A friend of mine wanted to know about it.

I will be mostly water. Maybe add salt and/or lemon. Have tea when wanted/needed, and coffee with nothing added. And if needed, bone broth, if I start to feel desperate. But I will avoid it, as much as possible.

I will continue to take my diabetic medicine, as Keto and Cholesterol all improve with the decrease of insulin. But will monitor my blood sugars so that they don't swing too low.

Ok. That's my plan. I think Thursday might be hard because I have plans to make some cake rolls for the concession stand of my kid's community kid's program of Lion King Jr. But I believe I should be able to muscle through.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Day The Dog Refuse The Sausage

Mission runs. My husband goes with a volunteer or a couple, into our "big city" 45 min from our small town, picks up the day-old from some stores there and bring it back to our town and take it to a distribution center to be given away. He usually brings home a few things for us from that. It is often a case of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

This time, it was tofu sausage.

Tofu sausage that my husband dutifully cooked up.
Unfortunately for the tofu, the cooked sausage didn't pass my husband's taste test. so he gave the whole portion to our chihuahua mix, Toby.

Toby's favorite treat is chicken franks, but he get excited for any meaty thing.

I didn't learn about the tofu sausage until I came home and saw the very artificial looking links on  Toby's food dish.

Where they stayed for days.

And days.

Not. Even. The. Dog.